The Unconscious Subconscious.. Media Defines Beauty

I want to discuss the media's role in creating the image of what's beautiful for women, which dates back to over centuries ago. As you can see, what's considered beautiful changes over time. What defines beauty is starting to evolve more rapidly, and is hitting the hearts of the masses from many different angles. It's affecting the minds and hearts of our young girls, and is carrying over to their adolescent/adult years. It is creating unrealistic expectations that women spend their whole life trying to meet.

Lets dig in to how beauty is defined by the media

1: Make-up
Beauty is beauty. You cannot enhance beauty. Beauty is already ultimate. The media has redefined beauty with make-up. Women do not feel beautiful unless they put on make-up. They show images of these flawless women with perfect skin tone make-up that took hundreds and thousands of dollars to do, and say here world, this is beauty. They tamper with a woman's subconscious, until they are unconscious to the fact that they are now insecure of what is already beautiful. God don't make ugly. Ugly is only found in the heart.

2. Body Image
How many of you women look in the mirror and say, "I Look fat" while grabbing that little extra skin you have around your waist? What if the media told you that love handles defined beauty? Instead, they put Kim K's unrealistic booty, Kylie Jenners unrealistic lips, and these models as the frontline of what a beautiful body look like. More and more women are getting or thinking about getting plastic surgery to uphold the media's image of beauty. The media creates this unrealistic image of flawless, which causes women to pay more attention to their own flaws. When you become comfortable with your flaws, you will become flawless! Flaws are all made up.

3. Attire
This has to be the most important one to me. I will start by saying this. Women, you do not have to be half naked to be beautiful! The media creates false beauty by simply selling sex. Sexy is not beautiful. Sexy is simply made for sex. Women walk around showing more skin than clothing, which degrades their potential of showing their true beauty. By this I mean, beauty comes from within, and your external self is like a mirror that reflects who you are on the inside. The media teaches you how to fabricate who you are on the inside by creating false beauty. Creating… an illusion.

Beauty is nature. Beauty is natural. Beauty is not made up, nor can it be enhance. You cannot enhance what is already ultimate.

Men, and women, how do you define beauty? What role do you think the media's portrayal of beauty has played in society? Please like, share, and leave your thoughts.