From Peaceful To Aggressive: Trump Protesters

In a protest that started off peaceful, well, at least for the protesters that could not get in to the amphitheatre. It was all fun, and a nice gathering of people of all ethnicities as people stood at the entrance with their stereos playing, "Fuck Donald Trump", and chanting, "no more sexism, no more racism". Lots of dancing, laughing, and hand shakes going around, as everyone was having a good time. Sounds too good to be true, we are actually having a peaceful protest until some girls got out of their car to dance, and a protestor yells, "show us some boobs". From there, another protesor gets really upset because she's chanting, "no more sexism". This is totally counterproductive. As Trump supporters are leaving the venue, there is a commotion in the middle of the street. A large group of protesters is marching, chanting, "fuck Donald Trump", then a car starts to burn out in the middle of the street to cause smoke to fill the air. From there, things started to get amphed up. Protesters marched towards the 55 freeway entrance, and blocked it off. As protesters pulled a bench from a hotel across from the freeway, and put it in the middle of the freeway entrance, more and more protesters started to come, and the surrounding cars playing, "fuck Donald Trump" started to chant with the protesters. People started to get more aggresive by jumping on police cars, and some protesters were left with injuries. Costa Mesa police department did a good job at keeping the situation under control by blocking off all intersections with different police units. As to my knowledge, only 19 people were arrested.


In the mist of the rage, people forgot one thing to mention, and that is the coming together of people of all colors, all etniticies, and all political parties to fight for one cause. It was a blood rushing, beautiful experience. With all of our history, and differences, the coming together of people is possible. It was a once in a lifetime experience, and I actually saw the beauty is what some people may call a disaster. When different groups of people come together to fight for one cause, it's always a beautiful thing. Let's continue to come together to fight against racism, sexism, bigotry, corporations, injustices, and biases.


Thank you for this beautiful experience.