BLM-LA: We Are Taking BACK Our Communities Peaceful Protest

For those of you who think that Black Lives Matter is an irrational group of people who hashtag #BLM after an African American gets killed by a cop unjustifiably, you are wrong. Our people are sick and tired of living with targets on our backs. We are tired of seeing our brothers and sisters die in the hands of officers with no real probable cause!

In a call for a meeting to help fix our communities and the justice system, BLM- LA was only expecting around 200 people in attendance. On Sunday, July 10, 2016 at 7:00pm, the beginning time for the meeting, approximately 1,500 people were waiting in line. The meeting space was not big enough. The diverse crowd of people relocated to the park, then rallied a peaceful protest through the streets of inglewood, to the City Hall, then eventually on to the i405 freeway. This spur of the moment, peaceful protest showed that we, as a community is stronger than the people who are suppose to protect and serve us. It was a beautiful sight to see. So many people came together for one cause, and that's for unity amongst people to fight off our justice system, or shall I say injustice systems!

Black Lives Matter is not just about fighting off our injustice systems, its about restructuring our communities, stopping the injustices and discrimination against our people. We are not saying that all lives don't matter, we acknowledge that all lives matter, but with our unique experiences with the world, to us, black lives matter, and black lives are the lives we are restructuring.